The Hot Springs

There is a hot spring bath in each room, but guests at Shirakabeso are invited to enjoy the large indoor bath and the outdoor baths as well.

In the large indoor bath, guests can enjoy the sound of the Kano River below the window, and the colors of the leaves of the trees. Soak in the bath, stretch out your hands and feet, and relax.
thehotsprings01.JPG  thehotsprings02.JPG

There are two unique outdoor baths.

thehotsprings03.JPG One is the large stone bath. It weighs around 53 tons, and was made from a single massive boulder that was dug from the premises and hollowed out. After disrobing, guests approaching the bath will look up and be overwhelmed by its size.

thehotsprings04.JPGThe second bath is the large wooden bath. This was made from a large tree that was almost 1,200 years old. It came from the southern hemisphere, from the Gabonese Republic in Africa. The bath has been hollowed out following the natural curve of the tree, so bathers can almost lie flat on their backs to enjoy the water.

Soaking in the outdoor baths will let you feel at one with nature. The large wooden bath and the large stone bath will soothe and embrace.

Information on the hot spring
Type of hot spring: calcium, sodium chloride, hydrosulfate hot spring (hypotonic, mildly alkaline, high temperature)
Good for: neuralgia, arthralgia, muscle pains, chronic gastroenterology, susceptibility to chills, convalescence, relieving fatigue, general health enhancement, arteriosclerosis, chronic skin disease

Etiquette for taking a bath

  • Take the bath towel and the face towel from your room to the bath.
  • Disrobe in the changing room and place your clothes in one of the baskets.
  • Pour water on your body before you enter the bath, so that you are clean and that your body becomes more accustomed to the heat of the water.
  • Submerge only the lower half of your body, as this is better for your body.
  • Enter and re-enter the bath for short soaks, as this is better for the body than staying in the bath for a long time.
  • Replenish fluids after getting out of the bath.

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