Facilities & Services


Check in 14:30 / Check out 10:30

Television, Telephone, Kettle Pot, Tea set, Refrigerator, Hair Dryer, Air conditioner, Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Razor, Comb, Towel, Bath towel, Yukata, Slippers

Open-air bath, Large bathroom, Family bathroom, Japanese garden, bar, souvenir shop
Rooms 29
Room rate 15,000JPY~35,000JPY
Guests are requested to pay in cash in Japanese yen.
Parking 30 cars (free charge)

A ceramic art experience, A wasabi crop experience, An outlet tour, Visiting temples, A ramen lunch, Make a Japanese paper, A visit to brewer


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Facilities & Services
Check in 14:30 / Ch…