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aboutshirakabeso01.JPGShirakabeso is about 25 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station on the Izu-Hakone Railway Line. Get off at Yugashima Onsen Iriguchi Teiryujo bus stop. Next to the bus stop is a narrow descending stairway. Follow these steps and you will find the Yumichi, a narrow stroll path through natural surroundings linking public bathing areas and the Yugashima hot spring inns. Here, let the weariness of the journey slip away as you immerse yourself in the light filtering through the branches of plentiful forests and in the blissful waters from Mt. Amagi.

aboutshirakabeso02.JPGAs you follow the Yumichi down the Kano River, enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, and eventually you will arrive at Shirakabeso. You will recognize it from its white wall with the lattice pattern and its red-tiled roof.

Once through the doorway, you will see the open lobby area. Change from your shoes into your slippers before entering the lobby.

The pillars in this building use the prized wood from ancient trees in the area. That is why the pillars and the crossbeams have unique shapes.
The entire inn is designed with minwa (Japanese folktales) and mingei (traditional Japanese folk crafts) as its theme. The interior is decorated here and there with folk craft, and is designed to provide guests with a taste of traditional Japan. The rooms are also have a folktale theme, and stepping into each room is like stepping into a fairytale.

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aboutshirakabeso21.JPGThe food is traditional Japanese cuisine, using plenty of seasonal ingredients, including wild vegetables and fresh fish from the seas around Izu.
Of particular note is wasabi, which is a local delicacy of Mt. Amagi. Its quality is recognized worldwide, and the area produces the most wasabi in Japan. High-quality wasabi does not grow without the rich mountain soil and especially pure natural water that is at less than 15 degrees Celsius year-round.
At Shirakabeso, we serve a wide range of dishes, using fresh, top-quality wasabi. Guests can enjoy the wholehearted hospitality of the itacho (chef) with a full course of wasabi-based cuisine including a wasabi hot pot.


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